Why the name “Turkey” Systems?

You read that right. “Turkey”, like the bird. I get asked this quite a bit. For one, its unique, no one else has Turkey Systems. This makes it easy to remember. But, more importantly, I chose “Turkey” because that was my grandfathers favorite animal. He always loved Turkeys and had a collection of Turkey trinkets that he collected over the years. After serving in the Army for over 20 years, as a Combat Engineer, he retired as 1st Sargent. The men under him referred to him as “Top Turkey”.  He then returned home and started a cleaning business in his home town of Tell City, Indiana. Which he ran for over 22 years. As a teenager, I worked closely with him in his cleaning business. When he passed away I decided that one day I wanted to run my own business, and when I did I wanted to name it after him. Hence the name, Turkey Systems.

My Grandfather
Orvan “Top Turkey” Gilliland

James Stull
Founder of Turkey Systems

Who am I?


Greetings! My name is James and I’m the founder of Turkey Systems LLC. I have nearly 20 years experience in the IT field. In that time I’ve worked for both small and large companies such as State Farm Insurance, Amazon Fulfillment, & Caterpillar. Most recently I worked for a dental company, Samson Dental Partners, in their leadership team as their Director of IT overseeing the day to day IT operations, strategy, and security for 35 Practice locations and over 800 employees.

Because of my background I’ve been privileged to work with many different teams and saw how each company ran their internal IT departments to make them successful. I always had a desire to bring this knowledge to the Small to Medium sized businesses to help them gain a competitive edge in their respective market places.

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